Are you experiencing a lack of flow in your operations?

As if the through-line is missing?

It's not just you – I hear this from clients a lot.

Your operations have undoubtedly evolved over the years, and even if leadership is super intentional about strategic decisions, over time pieces become out of sync.

Eventually the lack of flow causes underlying worry and stress that impacts so much more than we realize until we pause to look at it.

If nothing else, you start anticipating the need to invest time, energy, and attention into closing up any gaps but you may not know what that's going to look like, or what it might cost you.

I promise you, it is the not knowing that's worse.

Season of fewer clients, lower revenue, and less traction can feel, well, rather awful.

Given your client fulfillment is exceptional, and your staff are doing so many things right, it's can be confronting when the puzzle pieces do not fit together the way they used to.

Can we get real for a minute?

Your operations are about your firm's services.

Your focus as an individual contributor is about your area of expertise.

Practically none of it is about optimizing systems.

Even if Your Role is IT or MIS

Tell me you don't have 298435 things vying for your attention?

Having a trusted partner can make your life so much eaiser.

You care about the work you do – but not about systems.

This is where most systems consultants get it wrong, because your systems are not actually the focus – except to people like me.

What you really want is to create a positive impact internally, and for your firm's clients, so that you have demonstrable impact on your organization's objectives, and can thus meet your personal goals and aspirations.

Systems are a means to an end.

Because they take work, they have to be worth it.

Most business owners & C-suite leaders do not see their operations as being about their systems.

You care even less about the specific tech or applications being used – as long as it works.

Making time for optimizing your systems does not rise in priority unless there is a clear reason to do so.

You know systems are important, but all things considered, it can be hard to imagine the immediate benefit from investing your time and energy into fixing things – it's so amouphous.

Thus, improvements fall by the wayside.

The problem is this deprioritization leads to feeling disempowered when things don't work.

Sometimes it is an amorphous or intangible – is there anything worse?

It can be hard to describe because 'your systems' include a lot moving pieces that all need to play nicely in the sandbox together.

And on the surface everything may seem fine and check the right boxes – but underneath is a different story.

That's when marketing and sales can inadvertently drop off.

Because the disconnection and lack of flow leads to second-guessing decisions, communicating less clearly, or needing to change direction midstream.

And all of that causes increase in soft cost, decrease in profit, and the potential for missed opportunties.

(Most business owners know there will be consequences for bringing in new clients in when things are in flux and that doesn't help either.)

The good news is it's possible to shift this feeling – and get your systems in better shape, and we can do it without a big implementation project.

Better yet, on the other side of this, you can experience:

  • more leads overall
  • better engagement
  • quality sales interactions
  • increased referrals
  • excellent client experiences
  • easier sales & conversions
  • faster decision making
  • improved communication
  • accelerated expansion

The Business & Systems Analysis

For Professional Service Firms & B2B Consultants

My Business & Systems Analysis is a comprehensive review & assessment of how you operate.

We cover everything from lead generation through deliverywithout it taking eons or feeling draining.

I provide you with prep work in the form of questionnaires that you complete on your own. Your answers set the stage for our focused discussions and strategic planning.

The questions I ask are powerful enough for you to start spotting the cracks in your business systems & process foundations immediately – and together we map a plan so you can resolve any issues before they become bigger problems.

What's different about working with me as opposed to other systems consultants is that I am extensively trained as a coach.

My coach training & experience gives me unique skills and allows me to deeply listen to what's really going on without needing to insert my own preferences, opinions, or strategy right away.

If you have never worked with a coach before, it is essentially a compassionate and client-focused form of professional consulting that guides you to your own answers.

So many business owners I speak to are tired service providers who don't believe them them.

When you say something won't work, they want to run their own tests to confirm it (at your expense, of course).

As a consultant with years of implementation experience, I understand where these service providers are coming from because validation is important.

But so is hearing what our clients are really dealing with so we can meet them where they are.

I feel there is a happy medium between a consultant or service-provider only trusting their own wisdom as the 'expert' on a topic and only trusting our client's wisdom.

Because – ultimately – you are the expert on your own business.

And still, there are likely pieces that you can't see because reading the label on our own jar is next to impossible.

My aim is to earn your trust by creating a sense of safety – that you may not have elsewhere – so that you feel truly comfortable being completely transparent.

When you can be open about your frustrations, more detailed in the nuances, and share whatever is going on under the surface – we can address the challenges at the root more easily.

Only after confirming I understand your situation from your point of view, do I use my twenty years of experience with system implementations to help you assess the gaps and potential challenges.

From there I can make targeted recommendations.

Plus, we prioritize the plan of action so you are at ease when we finish, rather than feeling like you simply have more to do.

You'll have a clear sense of why we identified what we did, and what the pros, cons, and risks are to addressing each item.

How This Works...

(once we sign the agreement)

  • I provide you with comprehensive questionnaire to complete to gather the details about your operations.
  • We review your answers and develop the strategy together over four (4) 90-min sessions.
  • You can use your sessions quickly over 2-3 weeks – or – spread them out up to 60 days.
  • We can chat via Slack between sessions as you refine your answers and experience your business day-to-day.

In about a month, you can have a very clear understanding of the precise next steps to remove friction – from your sales, marketing and operations – without a lot of hassle or drama or a big implementation project to make it happen.

Here's my guarantee...

By slowing down a bit, partnering with someone you can trust, having a sounding board, taking some extra time to really assess what is working (and what's not) with vulnerability – because there are always risks, you will find satisfaction and peace about what needs to happen next.

While some results will surprise you, it is likely not as 'bad' of a situation as you might think – and putting off knowing the truth won't help you.

No matter what, you'll be able to stop spending so much time and energy worrying about your business (and cash flow) – because you will have clarity about your next actions.

Then you can start spending more time focused on the rest of your life (and with your family) while you implement your plan at a pace that works for you.

Sounds pretty good, no?

Are you ready for clarity on your business operations & to reduce your stress?

  • Comprehensive Questionnaire & Analysis
  • Four (4) 90-minute Powerful & Focused Strategy Sessions
  • Recommendations for Improving Your Systems & Processes
Let's Find Out if My Analysis is Right For You
My goal is to help you make a good & informed decision.

Click the button above to schedule a short free consult so we can chat via Zoom and see if this is a fit – if not, it's no big deal – and I might be able to refer you to someone else.