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I help experts and independent professionals create warm leads and improve conversions from their existing email list.

Together we'll capture what makes you unique, turn it into a clear methodology, and craft a series of potent email sequences that helps turn your existing subscribers into paying customers—without hype.

(Even if you have a small list and haven't made sales that way before.)

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Why do you offer free audits?
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I appreciate your skepticism - it's a fair question...

I'm on a mission to make email marketing feel like having a unique & personalized automated sales asset than drudgery.

Understanding what works for you, what questions you have, where you feel excited & stuck - that's all useful information.

So, think of the audit like... market research.

It's an hour for you to pick my brain and me to pick yours. 🧠

If you want to amplify your email marketing game, what do you have to lose?

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I follow a consent based sales process, aka, no pressure & no ick.

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Capture Your Genius

The greatest asset of an expert is their expertise.

Well, that and their project management skills.

I digress.

It's understandable if email marketing feels daunting.

Most of us have overflowing inboxes.

Promotional emails are often a lot of hype.

The technology is just annoying enough that...
procrastination sounds really good. 😅

You Worry About Bothering Your Subscribers

You don't want to add to the drama of your subscribers' inboxes – you can barely keep up with your own inbox.

And as an expert, you don't want to sell in ways that feel pushy or gross. You want to be doing the thing you're good at.

I get it!

Combined it's no shock that you're not leveraging email marketing as a strategy or tactic as much as you could.

You can totally cut yourself some slack here.


Continuing to not leverage email marketing is walking away from a huge opportunity to cultivate relationships with your network in deeper ways than what we can do via other channels.

It just happens to be that email marketing is a curiously challenging aspect of modern marketing – and a little help can go a long way.

My Step-by-Step Process to Capturing Your Genius

First, I interview you to understand the details of your business, what makes you tick, why you do what you do, and the nuances of your approach to your work.
We confirm your mission, vision, values, brand strategy, customer personas, and service definitions are as clear as you want them (and I need them) to be to get the best results from our work together.

Then, I get to work outlining emails. It's easy-peasy for you – all you have to do is show up as the expert you are and talk my ear off about the thing you love to do!

We collaboratively edit the writing to ensure your voice and meaning are captured to your liking.

After that, I set up the technical bits and monitor the process while those first emails go out to your existing list.

Lastly, I turn these emails into strategic sequences so that anyone joining your list from this point forward receives a curated introduction to you & your brilliance.

The Outcome: A Genuine Asset

Together we create warmer leads, better conversions, and a strong pipeline of future clients.
Your expertise and approach serves as the foundation of your marketing – and you'll be crystal clear on how to communicate that value.

Plus, you'll have an asset that will work for you – generating leads and customers – while you run the rest of your business.

About Me

Hey, I'm Sandra.

I have 20 years of experience implementing fancy-schmancy CRM and content management systems for corporate clients.

I pivoted to email marketing because it is the critical component in a solid marketing strategy for experts like you (and me).

I have a dozen-plus years of running my own business, including all the sales, marketing & operations adventures that come with that.

MY Work

Order from Chaos

I solve business problems using my own unique mix of skills including business strategy, copywriting, offer design, and system setup.

We focus on defining the problem-to-solve first, so we avoid leaping into 'solutions' that may be popular or trendy but don't fit your needs.

My goal is for you to see exceptional ROI from working with me – and not just in terms of strategy and tactics - but in confidence and intangibles too.

WhAt makes ME Different

Tough love & technical wizardry

I'm equal parts tough love and endless patience – with a brain like a pivot table.

I synthesize all that parts of your business, where you feel stuck or ready for more opportunity, take into account your unique needs as a business owner/expert, and design a plan that's actually doable so you can get where you want to go.

What's next?

It's very simple...

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