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Sandra Halling, The Data Mavens founder and principal consultant.

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I’m Sandra Halling.

I have 20+ years of experience implementing sales & marketing systems for professional service firms.

I work with expertise-based businesses to create more leverage with email marketing.

I can help you increase the quantity and improve the quality of your sales conversations – without hype or hard-sells.

Even better, you can avoid the hassle of coordinating multiple team members for strategy, copywriting, and tech setup – because I do it all – and that's key to my approach.

I focus on email marketing because...

Email marketing is the lowest-cost, highest-return content marketing strategy there is. Period.

Year over year, email marketing out performs search/SEO, paid ads, and organic social media.

In fact, the study results are so dramatic it feels misleading to be more specific about ROI – because of the number of variables involved – and that's part of the problem.

Email marketing is nuanced.

However, most advice is overly simplified and designed for e-commerce, consumer-facing business – not businesses based on expertise, creativity, specialized skills, or that require a professional license.

However, the reality that email marketing is in a league of its own – in terms of strategies to expand your business – that is irrefutable.

Email Marketing Myths, Busted.

(i.e. Yes, it can work for you too.)

Let's set the record straight...

  • You're not bothering your subscribers.
  • People read emails from people they like and trust.
  • One nurture sequence with 3 emails is not enough.

When your specialized skills, expertise or creativity is the basis of your business...

Your most important business asset is your expertise.

The second most important asset is your email marketing.
Let's look at it this way...

How many new clients do you need for it to have a meaningful impact on revenue?

For most 1:1 service providers the answer is somewhere between 1 and 8.

(More than that and you'd be more overwhelmed than excited.)

This means you do not need a huge list to be succesful.


If your business is using a 1:many model then email-marketing becomes nearly imperative.

The same is true if you're running paid ads.

If that is your business model you then need to be continuously nurturing prospects at a scale that would be inefficient (and thus ineffective) without email marketing.


‍A smaller list of good-fit prospects will outperform a large list of mediocre-fit prospects any day of the week.

Which means identifying and describing your customer so they can self-select into your work is key.

(Plus, it means less wasted effort responding to inquiries that won't go anywhere.)

In good email marketing your expertise can lead the way.

You can tell your subscribers about:

  • Your background – because how you got where you are and your lived experience matters a lot.
  • Your services – because the precise ways you help your clients, including the logical advantages and emotional benefits to your services, puts prospects at ease.
  • Your unique approach – because good fit clients care about how you're going to get them from Point A to Point B, not simply that you can.
  • Your ideal client – because the best clients want to see you understand them (really really well) – and decide for themselves if they're a good fit for you.
  • Your values & philosophy – because why you do the work you do and the impact it can have will resonate – and make you their favorite.

In good email marketing, what's not required to get results are...

The ridiculous tactics you see other business using:

  • Hype: excessively promoting yourself or bragging.
  • Hyperbole: making exaggerated claims for attention.
  • Hard-sells: you're not a used-car sales person.

Moreover, these practices can be a distraction and a turnoff – especially for educated, sophisticated, read-to-buy prospects.

So not only are these tactics not required, but they're not strategic either.

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