Creating Freedom From Chaos

With Business Strategy and Systems

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Let's Get It Done—


 You want to feel organized—that deep sense of ease that comes from knowing what's on your plate, what the next right move is, and how (and when) you're going to get it done.


You want to map the big picture to the little details with clarity for the messy middle.


You want to stop:


  • Wasting hours hunting down information you know you saw only yesterday

  • Chasing down status updates on projects

  • Overthinking your project plan and strategy

  • Staying stuck in indecision and inaction while you "figure out" what the next step is

  • Getting lured into setting up yet-another-shiny-new system because the last one isn't working anymore​

Breathe easy, friend. You're in the right place.

I help entrepreneurs and executives design their workflow and systems to feel organized, have peace of mind, and prioritize what matters to them.

The most favorite thing I do is help you develop better work habits by Aligned Productivity—that is to say, aligning your work with your values. 


Maybe you want help with your operational strategy


  • thinking through what you're doing and how you're doing it

  • mapping out a plan of action and making it realistic

  • refining your business model or your approach to client work

  • designing a system to smooth out a workflow, like onboarding clients


Maybe, you've got a solid strategy, and you're here for tech support, because—

  • Tech simply isn't your thing;

  • You want to stay focused on day-to-day operations

  • Your team is busy enough as it is

I got you. 👍🏼


About Me

Creatrix of Order.
Sourdough Baker.
Strategic Thinker.

Hi—I'm Sandra. 👋🏼​


I've been designing, implementing, and training on databases and business workflow for 20+ years.​

I've managed consulting projects over half a million in USD revenue for companies with 1200+ employees. 

I've been teased before that my brain is like a spreadsheet, but that's missing the mark. 

My brain is a pivot table, and you want me to help you think. ☝🏻

Seriously—I am a technical whiz, and we can set up all the things, but strategic support is worth its weight in gold.

My strengths lie in strategic thinking and activating you & your team into aligned action. 🎯


What I Can Do For You

... is revolutionize your relationship to how you work

I help you to streamline your approach to work and life in a way that aligns with your values.

Storytime! Corporate consulting wore me out. I got trained as a life coach, but really I miss all the spreadsheets. I've blended the two so you get the best of both worlds. Voilá!


(If you really dislike spreadsheets, don't worry—that's why I'm here, after all.)

By defining your mission and aligning your work process and productivity with your values, we support the way you naturally want to work, which allows you to stay organized and in your flow. 

You get to:

  • Clarify your positioning & strategic planning process so you know you targeting and why, and how to plan for that

  • Establish better work habits so you're not perpetually exhausted and can serve your clients from a full cup

  • Implement systems that actually create ease—not everything needs to be automated, and human experience matters

Sounds pretty good, eh? 😏

You have choices.

You can continue running around like a headless chicken hoping for that next revenue milestone solves your problems.


Or, you can get strategic support.

The one thing I wish someone had explained to me after my business was past the awkward first few years, is that we ALL need support at some point in our journey. Moreover, from where I sit now, I don't just need and want support some of the time, but all of the time

I do not mean to imply that my choices in business are the correct or only path forward. Nevertheless, the impact I see for myself and my clients when we lean into being supported is astounding. 🤯


The second year of the pandemic made it clear to me that it is actually harmful to me, my health, and the evolution of my business to pretend I can go it alone, especially when trying new tactics and strategies. 🎯


So I simply won't do it. 🙅🏼‍♀️​

Getting strategic support has enormous benefits.

My favorites though, are support can:

  • drastically speed up the process of implementing changes and seeing results—you avoid the merry-go-round of what-ifs and actually move yourself forward

  • increase your confidence in the big picture AND the details—whether that's nuance on your positioning and marketing strategy or specifics around a technical tool, you can get clarity on the big picture, details and the messy middle in between

  • avoids the inevitable challenges associated with a solely in-house implementation—with outside support there's a defined window within which you're working, keeping tabs on scope creep and competition with other priorities keeps your focus

I don't think I've ever seen all the ideas in my head in one place before, in a way that connected them all together, until I worked with Sandra.
—Cristina Kramp, Illustrator


The Offer

I used to offer single sessions all the time. BUT—I have to tell you that in most cases, the week (or even a half day) is a better fit.

Once I get into the backend of whatever you've got cooking, we pull out all the dirty laundry around your process and systems, and we stir the pot—you're going to have questions.

A single session is exactly that. One session. Frankly I like to love on my clients more than that and make sure the dots are all connected.

I design a custom scope of work to help you:

  • map out a strategy for addressing a troublesome challenge

  • resolve friction in your workflow and streamline your day-to-day

  • design and test a process with Notion, ClickUp, or Google Workspace

  • resolve a technical question in a particular app

  • clarify one piece of your marketing or design a new offer

For some clients, the right answer is a half-day focused session.

For others, it's a 30-day experience.

We talk, figure out where you need to focus the most, and then I make a recommendation as to how I'd approach it, keeping in mind your budget constraints and business goals.

Intuition + Kindness + Tech Support = Sandra
—Kari Gormley, Coach for Women with ADHD

What About Notion?

Notion is awesome—​

but so are lots of other applications.

Sidebar: Consulting on only one tool was like operating with my hands tied behind my back.

If you love Notion, great! I do too, and I'm happy to help you start there. 💁🏼‍♀️

If you're tempted by Notion because it's sexy and all your friends are using it... Uhh, let's have a wee chat, allllright? 🤔

Moreover, the BEST way for you to use my brain is to let me help you cut through the noise and find a system that works for you (even if that mainly involves a bullet journal).


Planning with you was TRANSFORMATIONAL.

Last week was the first time in over a year where I didn't feel crazy overwhelmed.

I was the same level of productive but more mentally "free" and that mental freedom led to several breakthrough ideas for my life & business.

I can see how, applied consistently over time, this will have huge benefits for my productivity and mental health.

Thank you!

—Amanda Dahler, Outsmart Design


Most of the entrepreneurs I know are tired.

Bone tired. Weary.


Worn out.

Regardless of your risk tolerance, we're all traumatized by the impact the pandemic has had (and continues to have) on our lives.

I imagine you are exhausted, too. And maybe a little anxious about what another winter of being trapped inside is going to really look like?

What if...

Instead of trying to do it all yourself... 

You had support. And—

You didn't have to make all the decisions?

You know you want to click the button. 😁

The best part of working with Sandra is right-brain/left-brain, tech/heart integration.
If you can't decide if you need a life coach or an organizational maven, you want Sandra.


—Michele Lisenbury Christensen, Relationship & Sex Coach

In a system that I use daily, you taught me 50 different tricks.

You helped me with things that will improve my life in the most imperceivable ways. I see these smallest little shifts being changes that will have compounding impact over time.

—Maghan Haggerty, CliftonStrengths Coach


Kari Gormley

ADHD Coach
The Flourishing Experiment

Before Sandra, I didn't feel like I had direction. I really want to get started on the new year, and to learn Notion, but I was skeptical of a digital system.

She helped me see exactly what I am meant to be doing and that being of service also means getting paid.

Working with Sandra is an opportunity to get clear on what's important to you, what you really want to do, and the ability to do it analog and digitally.

kari gormley.jpeg

Michele Lisenbury Christensen

Relationship & Sex Coach
Lisenbury Coaching

I knew enough about Sandra to know working with her would be productive, but I was pleasantly surprised by how nourishing and heart-filling it was.

Working with Sandra is a great investment of time and money because you walk away not only with a more developed Notion buildout and a solid review of the past and plan for the future, but also a deeper self-awareness.


Madison Eick

Owner & Dir. of Operations

Theatrical Education Group

Owner & Dir. of Operations

Theatrical Education Group

Sandra has the perfect mix of compassion and tough love.


She has so much knowledge but never makes anyone feel stupid or less than when teaching.

She has so many tools in her arsenal that she had ways to work through everyone's challenges.

Sandra coaches in a way that you don't feel like you're being coached - it feels like your talking to a friend—which made it far easier to turn my learning into practical action.


Kristin Tweedale

Feminist Scrapbooker

Awesome Ladies Project

Sandra really understands how to remove the trauma attached to traditional masculine work and planning styles.

It helps to relieve the guilt of not being able to "do everything" and concentrate on the things that really need to get done.

If you want deep reflection on your quarterly planning done in a way that makes sense holistically and logistically, Sandra can help you get what you need.


Have a question?

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In a system that I use daily, you taught me like 50 different tricks in 5 min.

You helped me with things that are going to help my my life in the most imperceivable ways. I see these smallest little shifts being changes that will have compounding impact over time.


—Maghan Haggerty, CliftonStrengths Coach